About Zuri Wellness

We are a lifestyle-centered organisation, working in partnership with our clients through a journey of discovery.  We operate in corporate environments for the sole purpose, of creating a space for fulfilled  and effective working professionals.

We have an impeccable  track record of providing wellness and personal image management programmes to corporate clients since 2007. Inline with our strategy, Zuri Wellness Studios was designed to support corporate clients to increase employee well-being and overall personal image management.

This has resulted in helping to promote organisational productivity, a professional corporate image and effective risk management for our clients. Our integrated wellness offerings are aligned to each client’s wellness strategy in order to successfully support and advance their wellness agenda. This structure provides all stakeholders with the prospect of improved health and enhanced quality of life in the long-term, which in turn generates sustainable benefits for any organisation.

Zuri Wellness Studios aims to assist our clients to achieve positive corporate and individual results that are aligned with their strategic goals; through exquisite yet affordable wellness programs.

Our core objective is to nurture, uplift, transform and empower our clients  to:

  • Increase their visual presence in day-to-day interactions.
  • Project self-confidence.
  • Improve self-esteem through  guidance on how to take care of oneself.
  • Be informed about the benefits of the inside-out approach to wellness.
  • Maximise their first impressions with professional and through personal interactions.

In achieving these goals, Zuri Wellness Studios is the ideal investment partner in the management of any organisation’s most important asset: the employee!

In today’s highly competitive and ever changing business climate, it is imperative for companies to equip themselves with tools for success through their two key resources: employees and customers. This usually requires separate methods of managing the satisfaction and commitment of both parties. Zuri Wellness Studios however, provides one solution for the benefit of both.

This energy and cost saving approach is supported by our mission to nurture, uplift, transform and empower our clients to develop a positive self image through our carefully defined offerings. In ensuring that people feel good about themselves, we indirectly ensure that impacted organizations benefit from the effects of the direct process.

We have achieved these results through our highly skilled, continuously trained and passionate Wellness Consultants.  We ensure that our Consultants apply themselves in line with company values through our training programs; so that every individual client is treated with respect and the greatest care.

Our approach of selling an overall lifestyle of wellness enables our clients to function to their full aptitude and to manage their personal and professional lifestyles with  renewed vigor and appreciation for life.

This ensures that we obtain more business from our clients; which promotes the sustainability of our brand through the various  networks